01 – Introduction

2 03 2009

You can’t beat a bit of heat can you? Chilli peppers, chillies, chilies, chiles – however you choose to spell it – are highly addictive. You know you’re in trouble when you start having Jamaican Hot Pepper sauce instead of ketchup on your scrambled eggs in the morning!

There’s only one thing better than a nice hot chili pepper and that’s a nice hot fresh chili pepper that you’ve grown yourself and picked straight from the plant.

Some of last year's Jalapeños

Some of last year's Jalapeños

I’ve been growing chilis for the last couple of years with varying degrees of success. Some varieties such as the Apache and Jalapeño have been roaring successes – big croppers with a low failure rate and very few problems overall while other varieties like the Habanero Peach provided a very small yield mainly due, I think, to the growing season here in the UK not being long enough for the fruits to properly mature. (Having said that, the four Habanero Peach fruits that were produced last year were so hot that I still managed to make a load of sauce with them!)

There are lots of factors that can influence the year’s crop – the plant varieties chosen, propagation methods, how and where you choose to grow the seedlings on and knowledge and experience learned from previous attempts but perhaps the most significant factor is the one thing I can’t do much about – the climate!



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